Receive your attestations de paiement CIBTP IDF
in your personal Digiposte digital safe


Pour vous faciliter la gestion de vos documents et vous simplifier la vie, la caisse CIBTP IDF innove et vous propose la réception et le stockage de vos documents dans un coffre-fort numérique Digiposte de LA POSTE.

To receive your CIBTP IDF documents in Digiposte, please follow these steps.

  1. Identify yourself

    with your CIBTP IDF Identifiant inscrit sur votre attestation and Code d'activation.
  2. Check your e-mail address

  3. Link your Digiposte

    or sign up if you do not have a Digiposte yet.

Estimated time: approx. 5 minutes

Learn more about Digiposte

Digiposte is a personal digital safe that allows you to receive, archive and share your important documents. This is the solution chosen by CIBTP IDF to send you your attestations de paiement securely. Digiposte is a service provided by Le Groupe La Poste.

Your attestations de paiement are safe

Compliance with current standards

Digiposte complies in particular with the NFZ 42-020 standard relating to the digital payslip, the HDS regulations for hosting health data, and the digital safe decree of 30 May and 5 October 2018.

Your digital attestations de paiement have the same value as paper documents

Digiposte establishes a certificate of authenticity associated with each document received from partner senders.

Your documents are kept for the long term

For digital payslips, for example, Digiposte undertakes to keep them and gives you access to them for a minimum of 50 years.

Your data is personal and confidential

Your digital safe belongs to you . CIBTP IDF may, with your consent, send you documents and information in Digiposte but under no circumstances have access to the contents of your safe.
You can continue to use the Digipsote service, even if you are no longer in contact with your sender or you had withdraw your consent.
Under no circumstances does Digiposte transmit your personal information to third parties except at your request.

Take advantage of Digiposte to simplify your life

Receive your CIBTP IDF attestations de paiement
in your personal Digiposte digital safe